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The company was established in the year 1994. Companies Managing Partner has an aim that, we will give full security to each and every Firm, Business organization and their home, so that they can feel safe & secured.

As we know that in the past and present days, there is no change in the market situation. Day by day population increases and day by day competition increases in the market. Opportunities for job are going lesser and lesser. This situation creates unemployment. Unemployment is a big headache for any developing country because this increase no. of crime includes murder, theft, burglary, bag snatching etc.

As we know that today India’s population cross millions in number. We also know that in India no. of crime is increasing day by day. We also know that there are limited resources to protect our self, our family and our business.

And if we want to secure our business firm for any uncertainty or any loss due to theft or burglary, the options are few and very costly.

Suppose, if we appoint any security guard to protect our assets& Family, again the total cost what we are spending is very high. In other hand, as we know security persons are also human being. To stay alert in whole night in daily practice is quite difficult. We have also heard or readied in the newspaper that though there was a security guard in the shop / godown still the disaster happens their, as the guard was found slept in the night. Again the question arise this system is not that much secured though we are spending lot of money.

Whatever security system are available in the market are very costly, very complicated to operate and all are working on electric connection. We can find this system in Banks, Financial Institutions, and Petrol Pumps etc. These systems are very costly and all are working on electric connection.

As we know that or might be heard or readied in the news paper that though these institutes have this costly system installed, still the disaster happened there.

Basically now days this criminals have developed a style. First they cut of the electricity connection after and then they will enter in the premises. As all these systems are working in electric connection, after disconnection of the electricity these system are get disconnected. This will help them to enter in the premises without having any tension of alert alarm or anybody to come for help. So, again the question arises after installing such costly security system though also your organization/firm is unsafe.

And if anyone wants to install this systems, there cost starts from 15 to 30 thousand too 50 thousand to 1 lakh plus. This is not enough their yearly maintenance expense cost them 5 to 10 thousand rupees yearly. “It’s a question of spending money without getting its value”.

Everybody knows the meaning of safety & security in present situation. But again the question remain same the “COST OF THE SYSTEM”. At once a well established business firms will also things; if he can invest this amount in his business he can get a guaranteed return from this investment.

What about small business firms & organization and their homes? They also required safety and security and a full night tension free rest. After research and study from the market and incidence that happens in the past. Bluechip Marketing’s Managing Partner decided that they will give people a system that can give people free from all tension for the safety of their shops and residence and its cost should be affordable to all, whether he was a small trader, shopkeeper, godown owner, business firm or any financial institute or organization. “What the aim they made when they have started the company”.

And they have introduced ELECTRO GUARD SECURITY SYSTEM. The system that can give safety & security and most important thing is it can afford by each and everyone, compact and can be fitted at any shops, godown, residence etc., .and better quality assurance & service.

This is not enough, they also launched security device for all type & model of two wheeler and four wheeler. It has its own unique features ever given by any security system for this segment in the country and again cost is most affordable by any owner of two & four wheeler.

Since the company founded in 1994 and their product launched till date they got a very good response from the market.