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Car Safety

With the successful launching of "ELECTRO GUARD" Shutter Siren , Door Siren, Panic Siren in all over India. Now we proudly present "Electro Guard" Car Siren this is the latest electronic instrument ideal to protect our vehicle from theft lifting and from mishandling.

Till date we had no direct solution to protect the cars, we had to depend entirely on the security guards, as we all know due to its centralized nature and dependence on individuals such security has never been so effective protection for your vehicle which will always been a part of a great worry & pain for the authorities and owners, but now we have hundred present solution of this problem, i.e. now we have "ELECTRO GUARD" CAR SIREN the only one of its kind in India.

Electro Guard Car Siren is typically designed full proof safety device for the total protection against the unauthorized entries in your car, its working is very simple, just switch on the secrete key while you leave your car at nay time, close all the Doors, Bonnet, Dickey, Driver Side Door should be closed within 10 second after switching on the secret key, the electronic system of the unit activates all sensor switches which are fitted in the four doors, bonnet dickey & Tape.

Now if any unauthorized person try to open any of the doors, bonnet, dickey or pull-out the tape, immediately the system gets activated & it will give a loud sound continuously, also it will isolate the ignition system and the engine will not start with any key and the vehicle with remain in STAND STILL POSITION.

What is the difference between other car security device and electro guard car siren?

Basic difference between other car security devices and ELECTRO GUARD CAR SIREN is, Other security devices works on central locking based and siren signal only. Where in ELECTRO GUARD CAR SIREN works in all doors, dickey and bonnets.

ELECTRO GUARD CAR SIREN not only gives siren signal for unauthorized entry but also chock up your cars engine, so that nobody can move your car for an inch. Even you can also not start your vehicle with your own key until and unless you have not switched off the system with his own key.


  • Very compact in size and light in weight.
  • Can be fitted in any four wheeler petrol or diesel Vehicle.
  • Can be fitted as per connection diagram at any convenient place in the vehicle.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • No harm to vehicle functioning.
  • Can be fitted by any experienced wireman of the vehicles.