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Entire Premises System

Entire Premises System (EPS)

G.S.M. based system can be controlled by your Mobile and Hand Remote.

Intruder Alarm System:
The system supports 64 cordless sensors in 4 different zones (16 each) along with 4 Hand Remote sensors so total sensors will be 68.

You can install different types of sensors like P.I.R. sensor, Shutter sensor, Door sensor, Remote/Panic sensor, Smoke sensor, Vibration sensor.

G.S.M. based system can be controlled by your Mobile and Hand Remote. System is very easy to install.

Wireless security alarm system

Intruder Alarm System

The System can detect intruders in your property. We are having the following

Intruder Alarm System:
Door Alarm System: Usually this alarm system is in two parts. One is installed in the door the other is established inside the house. The alarm knows when the door is open due to its magnetic connection. Door Siren is one type of door alarm system. The door siren alarms through sound known as siren.

Shutter Alarm System – this alarm rings when an object shut or close.

Newly Introduced Wireless Pir Sensor – this alarm is active via motion and the motor will start to spin and makes a sound afterwards.

But whatever kind of security Alarm system available around it is still very costly.

Intruder alarm system

Wireless Security Alarm System

This system uses radio wave rather than wire or cable to communicate to the camera, sensor and control panel.

  • Easy to install - no need for the very costly installation of wire alarms. It only needs few screws, basic tools and just couple of hours.
  • Powered by battery – design to function on the use of battery, some wireless system has battery backup for emergency purposes. This also means that even intruder cuts your home power lines, the system still functions for your protection.
  • Range – easily communicate over kilometres double than the range of wired system. Your property is secure even it is in a distant.
  • Cellular Network – send out alarm thru phone or mobile signal
  • Affordable – It is affordable even to small home owners.
  • Smart Home – t also control other system thru your cellphone and computer. Useful when you are out of town or vacation.
  • Easy to troubleshoot – need not to call a technician to visit your home. You can have technical service through phone call. Many wireless alarm systems have their own troubleshooting program.
  • Easy to upgrade – replace easily malfunctioning parts.
Electronic Security System

Electronic Security System

Experts create Electronic Security System that functions 24 hours a day. This system works on electrical connection and very complicated to operate. An operator is an expert to manage this electronic security system. Mostly this system is installed in banks, financial institutions, gasoline station, and big companies and so on.

Advantages of Security Alarm System

  • Access alarm and control monitoring
  • It takes control of parking, elevator and visitor
  • It can detect intruders within the perimeter or even in a bit far distance from the device
  • It has Close Circuit Television
  • Records digital video and analog management
  • Intercom and paging system
  • It tracks the asset and liabilities
  • Detect weapons and metals
  • Smart card solutions
  • Detects Biological and chemical agent
  • Racks and Consoles
  • Controls of alarm and access to networks
  • Control centers and operational command
  • It has emergency evacuation system