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Digital EPS System

You can safeguard your entire premise by installing this device at particular location. This system can be operated by 3 different users with their mobile phones. On any unauthorized entry in your premises, this system get activated and it gives very a siren with very high volume and give phone call alert on 3 different numbers. This device can be attached with PIR (Motion) Sensor / Shutter Contact / Vibration Sensor / Fire Sensor / Door Magnetic Contact / Panic Switch.


  • Micro Controller based design
  • Multi-Channel wired system
  • 4 Status LED – Power, System, Network, Alarm
  • Built In GSM Dialer
  • High Intensity Sounder
  • Defined Entry delay time
  • User friendly & secured user registration system
  • Built In memory for user database
  • Activation/deactivation by registered phone
  • SMS alerts on registration and system activation/deactivation
  • SMPS adapter based power supply
  • User friendly installation and mounting
  • Prevention on false alarm
  • Can be attached with PIR/Shutter Contact/Vibration/MFD/Fire/Door Magnetic sensor & Panic Switch
  • Alerts on wire cut
  • 3 Times Dialing to 3 Different users