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Door Siren

Door Security System or Door Alarm Bluechip Marketing are the Pioneer for the design, development and Marketing of Door Alarm System for Home in India to protect Bungalows, Flats, Shops, Godown, Banks, Jewellers, Post offices, Appartment, Duplex, Farmhouse, Godowns and warehouses. "ELECTRO GUARD DOOR SIREN" the only one of it's kind in India.

"ELECTRO GUARD DOOR SIREN" is a typically designed tailor made safety device for the total protection of unauthorized entry into your Shops, Godown etc. by breaking open the shutter, even by few inches. Here are some salient features of this tailor made product "ELECTRO GUARD DOOR SIREN or Door Security Systems, Door Alarm System".


This System will be fitted by our trained technician. It is fitted inner side of your Door in the Top (where your Top Stopper is fitted). and its sensor is fitted in the frame of the door or vice versa.


Yes, it is “ELECTRO GUARD DOOR SIREN” is a typically tailor made safety device. Due to the result of research and study. we have made this product., so, that it can be fitted in all type and model of Door fitted in the Bungalows, Flats, Shops, Godown, Bank etc.

What about other doors and windows? Thieves can also enter from other doors or windows.

As company have made this product after research and study of the entire incidence that happens in the past, that’s the reason in this system company have given a Junction Box, through this our technician gives a parallel connection to each and every door & windows by giving connection with DOOR EXTENSION. (It is basically made for this system). DOOR EXTENSION are consist of two parts one is negative and another is positive, one part is fitted in the inner side of the door & windows and another part is fitted in the frame of the door & window so, if a unauthorized person enters in the premises and if the door & window opens even by few inches it activate the main device and give loud siren signal.


“ELECTRO GUARD DOOR SIREN SYSTEM” totally gives us freedom from all hassle of electric wiring. This system totally works on self battery, so you don’t need to worry whether there is an electric cut-off or if somebody intensely cuts your electric connection, it also gives you total freedom from the yearly wiring maintenance cost. The wiring which is done for door extension is also less and our technician fixed it in such a way that it can’t be visible at a site. It is also not connected with any electric connection, it is just a parallel sensing wiring with base.


“ELECTRO GUARD DOOR SIREN SYSTEM” works totally on its self battery (12 batteries of 1.5 volts) and its cost came near about 75 rupees approx... . Basically, its batteries work for 1 ½ yrs approx but we always advice to change it every year for better performance. If once its siren signal used continuously for three to four hours in a single time, then you have to replace the batteries. 75 RUPEES expense (Approx. cost of 12 batteries of 1.5 volts) IS most affordable expense that can bear by anyone to protect their precious family members and business firms.

Technical Specification

This system consists of two parts which are the main system and magnetic sensor. As shown in Diagram, the main unit is installed from inside upper portion of the Door with the help of four screws and the magnetic sensor which is fitted on the frame of the door with the help of clamps and screws according to the door situation and in a manner that it should pass Completely from a close gap of 5mm At the time of going out you have to put the system 'On', by thanking out the key. Now press the "Battery check " knob and the green indictor shows that the system is "On" After that you immediately have to press the "reset" knob and close the door within 20 second. Now if any unauthorized entry is made by any mean, the system gets activated and the siren will blow within 15 second which will be ' On' for next 3 hours.

  • Length 22 cms width 13.5cms Height 4.7 cms
  • 1.5 kg with packing.
  • 110 dB Sound .
  • YP Speaker, 3 Watts. 4 Ohms
  • "MINDA" Lock.
  • Components :
      1. a) Resistance Philips/Keltron
        b) Capacitors-Keltron
        c) I.C Motorola/National/ Hitachi
        d) Transistors Philips/Keltron
  • Printed Circuit Board Paper Phinolic /Glass epoxy with Green masking Conductive thickness of tracks 35 Microns.
  • Magnetic Sensor
  • Junction box for Extension
  • 12 Nos. of R6 ( UM-3 DG) 1.5 Volts. "Batteries".
  • Fitted with Brass Screws.
  • Installed with Chrome platted washers and Nut Bolts.


  • 15 Seconds time delay Facility for the entry and exit.
  • Negligible power consumption.
  • Temper proof system with safety lock.
  • Exclusive design for Shutter.
  • Cost effective-Priceless yet thoughtfully priced.
  • Easy operation.
  • One year Guarantee.
  • Special facility of extensions for back Doors & Windows.