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DOOR SIREN (GSM) (1 & 2 Phone Line)
Door Siren GSM

DOOR SIREN GSM with Mobile Alert

An unauthorized entry in to the Bunglows, Banks and warehouses by breaking open the Shutter is the most common modus operandi noticed in the case of theft, loot, robbery and riots. Till very recently we had no direct solution for this and we had to depend entirely on the security guards. As we all know due to it's centralized nature & dependence on individuals such security systems has never been so effective. Protection of Shops, Godowns etc. has always been a point of great worry & pain for the owners. But now you have hundred percent solution of this problem i.e. now you have "ELECTRO GUARD GSM DOOR SIREN" the only one of it's own kind in India.

Electro Guard GSM Door Siren with Mobile Alert is an unique security system with advanced technology for protection to shops / offices / factories from intrudes and burglars for 24x7. The powerful siren makes loud sound when the shutter opens by few inches. And that's why you can really "Trust It".

Seeing a today’s scenario, theft, burglary and loots are increasing day by day. We have made this product after research and study of lots of incidence and demanding by customers, we have developed this innovative Auto Dialling product. This GSM Door Siren Auto Dialling System is a new innovative safety product in security era. It gives you every time alert through Mobile when theft or burglary happens at any time. By using this system you can saved your premises and hard earned money at very affordable cost. Main beneficiary feature is that it requires no Electricity and no any type of wiring. This system works on batteries so there is no any maintenance cost.

Electro Guard GSM Door Siren with Auto Dialling system consists of 3 batteries. You have to change the battery after one year for better performance. When the siren blows for continuously 1.5 to 2 hours at that time you have to change the batteries and making a expense of minimum rupees, you are saving a lacs of rupees from theft, burglary or loot.

How System Works ?

Electro Guard GSM Door Siren with Mobile Alert It is a safety device for 100% safety of unauthorised entry in to your premises like offices, bunglows, flats, home, godowns etc. It buzzes siren even if the slightly door open by few inches by intruder and also it gives instantly mobile alert on your mobile wherever you are. Now safety is on your finger tips.

It can be fitted on any type of door which is fitted in the flats, shops, bunglows, home, offices etc. There are two parts. One main unit is fitted on the upper portion of the main door with given screws and the other one Magnetic Sensor is fitted on the frame of the door with screws or clamps. When the siren buzz, no any intruder can stand at that premises for a second. The distance between Main unit and Magnetic Sensor should be minimum 5 mm. not more than that. Whenever you go outside take out the key and and put the system on ON position. Check the batter indicator. Green light shows that system is in full working condition. Now lock the door within 15 seconds and go outside. Now if the any intruder tries to break the doo or tries to open it by few inches only, this system will be self activated and it buzz the siren continuously for 1to 1.5 hours and instantly it gives you ring on your mobile. If you can not able to pick up the mobile it gives you continuous redialling. Now you will get double safety and now this safety is on your finger tips.


  • 110 dB sound
  • “MINDA” lock
  • 15 seconds delay timing for entry and exit
  • Temper proof system with lock
  • Add following features in Technical Specifications
  • Technical Specifications
  • 1.5 kg weight with Packing
  • Magnetic Sensor
  • Fitted with Brass screws
  • Fitted with chrome platted washers and nut bolts.