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Entire Premises System (EPS)
Entire Premises System


  • The system supports 64 cordless sensors in 4 different zones (16 each) along with 4 Hand Remote sensors so total sensors will be 68.
  • You can install different types of sensors like P.I.R. sensor, Shutter sensor, Door sensor, Remote/Panic sensor, Smoke sensor, Vibration sensor.
  • G.S.M. based system can be controlled by your Mobile and Hand Remote.
  • System is very easy to install.
  • Can store upto 5 S.O.S. numbers for calls and S.M.S. alert.
  • Remote access to ARM / DISARM system.
  • Auto rechargable battery with 12 hours battery backup.
  • High end security controlled by register phone number only.
  • Having Panic alram facility by just pushing remote button.
  • Having 24/7/365 days allert for Smoke Fire and Vibration with their respective sensors.
  • Very silent dialing.
  • Can attach extra loud AC hooter connected to the main system.