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Luggage Security System

"Electro Guard" Luggage Security System is used for the multiple luggage as it's name suggest, the system is used while traveling and you have number of suitcase's and other valuable's. This system is very compact and very simple to use. It's chain is being is used by passing through all the luggage one by one by hook / handle and the system is activated.

When you are sleeping in the night, if any attempt to take away any bag from the bunch is made, or by cutting the chain, the hooter goes "ON" the sound makes you alert and thief gets scared and may runs away or can be caught red-handed. This is being full proof system the chances of securing your luggage are much higher.

The System is designed in U.S.A. it has very low maintenance cost and it consumes very less power and compact in size makes it's easy to carry.


  • Compact size & very light weight
  • Audio power out put 100 dB
  • Very low power consumption
  • Very low maintenance
  • Design as U.S.A.