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Panic Siren

Panic Siren or Panic Alarm system is an outcome of extensive R&D efforts put forth to provide an ultimate security system. It surpassed over the old wire based security system.


Siren activating point is fixed in the wire based system, while in Electro Guard System, cordless remotes can be pocketed and carried any were in the premises, providing better safety concept.

In the wire based system, being a physical entity the wire can get damaged any time without notice hence require periodical checking and maintenance.

Wire base system shall be inoperative in the event of deliberate of incidental loss of mains supply. While the electro guard's Remote Panic Siren has provision of battery supply too.

Due to absence of Wiring, Electro Guard Panic Siren is fully temper proof.

In wire based system every extra activation point calls for additional wiring. While Electro Guards Provides you facilities of having 'n' no. of cordless remotes.


  • All the components used are of standard make like Philips, Keltron, Motorola etc.
  • It can be operated from any direction up to 75 feet radius, assuring effective coverage of 150 feet.
  • Being 3-dimentional in operation, Electro Guard Panic Siren is an ideal choice for multistoried premises.
  • Battery status can be checked using front panel control.
  • On specific demand, repeater model is a valuable for more area coverage.
  • Up on specific demand more than 3 remotes can be supplied with the siren.

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