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Safety Bag

"ELECTRO GUARD" Introduces the latest in the range of their Security System, i.e. "ELECTRO GUARD" SAFETY BAG. Electro Guard Safety Bag is only one of it kind which can work on remote sensor as well as on chain junction system.

In our day today life we often here the incidence of Bag Snatching from persons carrying Jewelry & Valuables from Banks, Jewellery Showrooms & Petrol Pumps etc. As well as often here about bag lifting in the night time when a person is sleeping while traveling by bus or train.

To get a 100% protection against this type of bag snatching & bag lifting, Electro Guard has come with their latest in the ranges of Security system i.e. they have introduced ELECTRO GUARD SAFETY BAG ALARM SYSTEM, with remote.

A person having high valuable like cash & Jewelry carrying in a Safety Bag is 100% safe & secured from bag snatching & bag lifting, only the person have to switch on the secret key in bag & keep the cordless remote in his pocket, now if somebody snatches the bag or carry of the same moment the bag snatcher feel high power current shock & is forced to drop the bag immediately, along with that a high power alarm sound comes out of the bag draws the attention of the public.

Same way person traveling with the bag in Bus or Railway have to plug the chain sensor in the chain holder with the support of the seat rod & switch on the secret key, now if any unauthorized person tries to take away the bag without the notice of the bag owner, as soon as he pulls the bag the chain in the bag will come out form the chain holder at the same time the unauthorized person will feel high power current shock & will be forced to drop the bag, along with that a high alarm sound comes out of the bag which will draws the attention of the public.


  • Available in different colors & sizes.
  • All components used are of standard mark.
  • Available on remote as well as chain junction system.
  • Remote can be operated from any direction up to 50 feet radius, assuring effective coverage of 100 feet.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • 6 One year Guarantee.