About Company

An ideal home is one in which you live comfortably with your near and dear ones with all comfort and luxury. An ideal business place is where you have ease of doing business with full security. These are the places which are your biggest investment and its well being and safety and security is the topmost priority for you. Owing to these concerns Bluechip Marketing Limited was established in the year 1994. The aim was to provide total security solutions for peaceful living and bright future.

Security solutions have come a long way since then. The rise in population, unemployment and cut throat competition among businessmen has led to a steady rise in crimes like theft, burglary, murders etc. Keeping in mind the aspect of human error and human sentiments, appointing security guards doesn't seem to be a viable option. We often find security guards sleeping at the work place or they are easily lured into some kind of conspiracy to burgle the place. This leaves us to rely on security systems which are very expensive and very complicated, working on electric connections. The biggest disadvantage of devices working on electric connections is that once the connections are cut by the culprits the system gets disconnected and the miscreants can easily enter the business premises or your home unnoticed. At Bluechip we take care of all these concerns along with the other advancement in challenges. We come up with the solutions which are continuously upgraded and updated keeping in mind the safety and security of our customers. Our economical diverse security products include Wireless PIR Sensor System, Shutter Siren, Door Siren, Panic Siren, Safety Bag, Digital EPS System, Safety Hand Baton, Luggage Security System, Laptop Bag and Entire Premises System. These sleek smart devices have uncluttered designs and they come along with trouble free installations. Apart from these devices for home and business premises Bluechip has also launched safety equipments for your two wheelers and four wheelers at completely affordable prices for any kind of vehicles.

Thus at Bluechip there is a constant endeavour to provide safety and security at affordable prices to you which ensures total peace of mind, whether it's your home or your business place.