EPS Digital Keypad system

"ELECTRO GUARD EPS Digital Keypad System"

  • Qty 1 – Panel (Wireless - 16 Device & Wired - 1 Device)
  • Qty 1 – Wired Hooter
  • Qty 1 – Motion Sensor
  • QTy 1 – Door/Window Magnet Sensor (Wired)
  • Qty 2 - Remotes

Place your EPS System anywhere in your premises and connect the main panel with your mobile (6 persons)


Now get instant alerts on your mobile, when someone unknown tries to enter into your premises whether he brake the Shutter, Door, Windows or by breaking the walls.


E.P.S. System is very easy to install and easy to use.


Your E.P.S. System can be remotely controlled just with your mobile and the remotes provided with the panel (No mobile App required)

Smart Gateway once you had started the E.P.S. System and connected the GSM with your mobiles. The E.P.S. System will send message alerts as well as phone alerts when Shutter, Door, Windows are opened or any kind of fire or Gas leakage in your premises. Also, you can have Motion sensors which can be easily mounted or place around your home from motion alert.

  • Door Sensors, Smoke & Fire Sensors, Shutter Sensors, LPG Gas Leakage Sensors, Motion Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Remote Controller
  • E.P.S System is the Entire Source of Protection
  • Can have 6 number calls & SMS alert.
  • Total 99 wireless & 2 wired sensors can be attached
  • Password protected
  • Mobile operated
  • SOS baton (for Panic Situation)
  • Battery backup 10 hrs.
  • Loud / Heavy Siren
  • Auto time on off

Install all batteries to all sensors, place the SIM in the panel, fix the antenna with the panel, Connect the siren with panel.. Connect the adaptor and plug on the Panel....... ( The panel display will show 1st - F5, then F6 if its showing F6 then it means panel is now connected with Sim card, and the panel light will blow once in every 3 seconds.) ALL THE BELOW SETTINGS YOU HAVE TO DO BY DISARMING THE SYSTEM... - For mobile number settings..... #1mobile number# #2 mobile number# Upto #6..... - For Getting SMS massage facility.... #14# #24# Upto #64# - For sensors setting with main panel.... ?01? press the button of the sensor you want to set....you will get setting image on the panel... For every sensor you have to do the same... - For Remote setting.. ?0? press any button of the remote.... - To Star & To Stop the system with SMS... Arming System:- 0000sf massage to the system Disarming System 0000cf massage to the System - TIME SETTING.... ?07(24 hrs schedule)? - Setting sensors to intelligent mode..... #8(sensor number)2# - TO GET THE SENSOR ON INTELLIGENT MODE (all sensor will work except the intelligent mode sensor) Just press the intelligent mode button, it will stop working. And to start the sensor again just press Arming...(close lock sign) - FOR CHECKING WHETHER THE SENSOR IS CONNECTED WITH THE PANEL OR NOT AND FOR SENSOR NUMBER... Arm the system and press the button of the sensor the sensor number will display on the panel and it also means that the sensor is set with the panel. - SYSTEM CAN BE ATTACHED WITH LANDLINE.... - In case of any emergency press SOS button it will give immediate siren..... TO CHANGE THE MOBILE NUMBER #1# #2# #3# UPTO #6# TO CLEAR ALL SETTINGS (#8996#) Polimar batteries... 2pcs 3.7 v each (7.4)

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