GSM Multi Door Siren

"GSM Multi Door Siren "

  • Add upto 10 normal sensor (Like Door , Shutter, PIR , glass break detector, etc)
  • Add upto 4 all active sensor (Like Smoke, Panic button, etc)
  • Add upto 2 remotes (Activate, Deactivate, panic on and panic off)

"Wireless Multi Door Siren with Sensor" is a typically designed tailor made safety device for the total lprotection of unauthorized entry into your shops, warehouse etc., by breaking open the more than one shutter, even by few inches. It gives direct alert on registered 5 mobile numbers via SMS and Call. An unauthorized entry in to the bungalows, banks and warehouses by breaking open the shutter is the most common modus operandi noticed in the case of theft, loot, robbery and riots. Till now we had no direct solution for this and we had to depend entirely on the security guard, as we all know due to its centrailzed nature & dependence on individuals such security systems has never been so effective, protection of shops, warehouse etc. has always been a point of great worry for the owners.

  • Alert up to 5 mobile number via SMS and Call
  • Secure up to 5 Door wireless at a time
  • Disarm via sms, call and auto de-active mode
  • Hand acoustic siren
  • Rechargeable battery operated
  • Sleek design
  • Password protected
  • Low battery warning enabled via sms
  • Resistant to any unknown number
  • GSM Signal strength and balance can be known by SMS
  • 20-25 days standby battery backup with battery OK tested
  • No false alarm
  • Rust free body
  • Keyless control for ease of operation
  • Fully reliable & field proven design
  • Zero maintenance
  • Shock proof, weather proof & sturdy
  • Standalone unit