GSM Smart Siren PIR HFS Model

"Duel Antenna;

  • No dry battery for Siren
  • Battery & Signal Strength SMS when arm and disarm
  • Battery backup up to 12-15 days
  • Password protected
  • Disarm via Call(Press 1 on dial pad), SMS & App
  • Low battery msg alert
  • Auto Arm & Disarm feature available
  • Pet Immune & Sensitivity Adjustable

Smart Multi Hfs model with Duel Antenna is a designed tailor made safety device for the total protection of unauthorized entry into your offices, warehoue etc., by breaking open the door, even by few inches or in case of fire. It gives direct alert on registered 5 mobile numbers via SMS and Call.

Installation Tips :

  • Get a SIM Card (JIO not compatible) which have minimum Rs. 10 talk time balance and SMS Free package.
  • Remove small plate to insert SIM Card of the system.
  • Turn antenna on up side and tight, so proper network arrives.
  • Install sim card, turn the switch ON/Plug the connector whichever applicable. System will start with led ON on the side and will turn OFF within 1 min.
  • Press battery check button, it should be green or orange. If Red, put the system into charge.
  • Press GSM signal check button, it should be green or orange. If RED, check antenna is properly tight or not.
  • If all ok, register the numbers in the system and install the system
  • From registered number, check Battery strength via SMS with code "BAT". The battery should be above 30% if not charge the system

  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Compatible with 4 wireless door/shutter sensors
  • Android App available
  • entire system on rechargeable battery
  • De-activated system from anywhere in the world
  • password protected device
  • Battery backup up to 7 days
  • No lock and key, so no duplication to tamper our system
  • Standalone unit
  • 4m long usb charging cable, connect to mobile charger